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Our ecology training programmes aim to reach community groups, such as Tidy Towns, to expand their knowledge and understanding of how to manage green spaces in a manner that supports biodiversity, minimises carbon dioxide emissions, and helps to sequester carbon.

Topics include:

  • The principles of ecology.

  • What is biodiversity, why we are losing it, and why it matters.

  • Habitats and ecosystems. What are ecosystem services and how do they relate to biodiversity loss.

  • Climate change and the carbon cycle. How our land management practices increase carbon dioxide emissions and how we can help our green spaces to become effective carbon stores.

  • Grassy habitats and Ireland’s semi-natural grasslands. Tools for measuring the impact of our management in grassy areas and how to use them.

  • Woodland habitats and the role of fungi in woodlands.

  • Bog habitats and how they can help to slow the pace of climate change.

  • The difference between native and invasive species.

  • The problems associated with invasive species.

  • Invasive alien tree and plant diseases.

  • Earth as a giant jigsaw, helping to keep the pieces together.

  • Actions we can take forward in our lives.

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