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What We Do

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We provide online, classroom, and field-based training for organisations and communities, which can include post-training mentoring.

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Our aims

Inform and educate in a practical, lively, and informal way, so that you have the confidence to take meaningful action in your organisations and communities.

Raise awareness of how small changes and simple actions can lead to significant environmental outcomes.

Learning outcomes

Make a measurable difference to the protection of habitats and biodiversity around you.

Take meaningful actions to reduce carbon emissions and slow the pace of climate change by sustainable management of your local green spaces.

Learn more about biodiversity and your local natural environment.

Understand the implications of invasive species, and learn how to identify, prevent, and control them using sustainable and effective methods.

Enjoy creating a pollinator-landscaping plan and learn how it can protect and support biodiversity.


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How we prepare

We listen to what you want.

We work within your timescale and budget.

We work hard for you.


We use our many years’ experience and current research to ensure that you receive practical, solutions-focused, and achievable training outcomes.

Our goals

To empower you and your organisation so that you can be confident in the actions you take, proud of your endeavours, meet your sustainability goals, and know that you are doing the very best you can for the planet.


Who We Are

Meet The Team


Dr. Fran Giaquinto CEnv MCIEEM

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Linda Gilsenan

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